Life is an incredible journey. 

It's time to empower your journey with brain science.

Why we get health Anxiety and what we can do about it.

While there are many conversations about medical considerations regarding the Coronavirus - mental health and emotional wellbeing are also very important. The Havening Techniques provide an exciting opportunity for self-healing in a time of emotional global turmoil. Join Dr. Kate Truitt to learn more about  Healthy Anxiety specifically tied to Coronavirus fears and how self-havening can help calm the mind and body.


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Self-Havening Meditation for Anxiety about Physical Symptoms

This guided meditation brings together the Self-Havening touch, which creates the electrochemical opposite of a fear state in our brain, and guided work to decrease anxiety and increase relaxation and calm. Fear creates inflammation and self-agency creates resilience. Let's lean into resilience and empower our brain to have the strength to navigate these uncertain waters during the Coronavirus Pandemic.