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Welcoming Awe to Create Spaciousness


Did you know that experiencing “awe” has the availability to make your mind perceive that it has more time available to get tasks done? It also increases your patience with the world around you.

Loving Someone with a Chronic Condition


Chronic conditions aren’t always visible, and they can affect much more than the body. The daily endurance of pain or illness can leave you feeling angry, confused, isolated, ashamed, and hopeless. It strips away your sense of agency and redefines your sense of normalcy. As your body betrays you for weeks, months, or even years, the idea of “getting back to normal” feels far or even impossible to reach. 

Learning to be Assertive Instead of Passive-Aggressive


Have you ever considered that Passive Aggressiveness is a learned behavior? It continues because it serves a purpose.

The Havening Techniques : Better Living Through Neuroscience


The Havening Techniques® are healing modalities designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of a traumatic or stressful life experience. Through the depotentiation, or deactivation, of the neurons in the brain that encoded the traumatic experience. We can now be free of the traumatic experiences of our past.

4 Reasons Survivors of Sexual Trauma Remain Silent


On the heels of the #MeToo Movement and various scandals in the media that have shed light on the impact of sexual trauma worldwide, more and more survivors of sexual abuse and assault have been empowered to speak up and share their stories. Many people continue to ask why so many individuals stay silent about what happened to them despite the thousands of men and women who have spoken up about their own stories of sexual abuse and assault. 

Wiring Your Brain for Self-Compassion


"Neurons that fire together wire together." I share this vital piece of information with all of my patients. It highlights the positive power of neuroplasticity and our ability to change our brain for good. This truth is also the reason why we get  stuck in those difficult and paralyzing thought processes that cause such pain. What if you chose to wire your brain for self-compassion instead?