Learning to be Assertive Instead of Passive-Aggressive


Have you ever considered that Passive Aggressiveness is a learned behavior? It continues because it serves a purpose.

Here are three reasons why passive-aggressive behavior continues to thrive:

1. People have learned to express opposition indirectly.

2. It’s considered “good” to squash anger and resentment.

3. Passive-aggressive people often play the victim.

Changing these behaviors takes work, is doable, and the rewards are significant. The opposite of Passive Aggressive is Assertive. 

Here are 5 key benefits to learning to be assertive:

1. You have the opportunity to know your own mind

2. You get to reflect on and know your own options - bonus, you make your own choices.

3. You’ll choose to assess and address obligations in ways that fit for you.

4. You’ll be able to say “No” graciously and without guilt.

5. You’ll develop more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Assertiveness certainly sounds healthier than being Passive Aggressive. Read on to deepen your understanding of these concepts and learn ways to become more assertive in your daily life.