The Power of Self-Compassion

This may be a new term for many of us. It’s not something often taught through the rigors of daily life. What does it mean? Treat yourself with the loving kindness, the care, the grace and forgiveness with which you treat those you love the most in your life. Sometimes even those relationships are a little too murky and complex to serve as a good example. Another suggestion is to think of a dear pet you have had or currently have, how do you care for that animal? Care for yourself similarly. Would you criticize them for sleeping because they are tired? Would you starve them if they didn’t meet societal norms of beauty? Would you judge them for coming over and snuggling or licking your hand because that is how they show they are lonely or want attention? Probably not. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Embrace self-compassion.

Through embracing self-compassion we free our minds from the prison of replaying those old judgmental tapes we learned throughout our development. We start to lay the groundwork for a new way of being present with our world and those we love. We can begin to untangle the neuronal webs of fear, abandonment, external control, and anxiety because we are learning instead to acknowledge that these webs exist. Acknowledgement with compassion allows us to learn and grow. Acknowledgement with fear keeps us frozen in those old ways.

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"Neurons that fire together wire together." I share this vital piece of information with all of my patients. It highlights the positive power of neuroplasticity and our ability to change our brain for good. This truth is also the reason why we get  stuck in those difficult and paralyzing thought processes that cause such pain. Ready to break free and build your brain for Resilience and Compassion? It's time embrace transformation and empowerment.